IBM Power systems

  • Repair of hardware problems across all generations of the AS/400 or RS/6000 systems from the original models to the latest Power 7 and Power 8 based servers.
  • Repair of related devices. Disk storage trays, tape drives, consoles, HMCs and related communication peripherals.
  • Install and upgrade of OS/400 or AIX operating system including HMC reloads, PTF and firmware updates.
  • Source and installation of hardware upgrades including disk, tape, memory and expansion drawers.
  • Configuration and installation of IBM software including virtualization, backup, mirroring and remote monitoring applications.
  • Decommission and disposal of old IBM systems.

IBM DS SAN Arrays and TS Tape Libraries

  • Analysis of error logs and configuration.
  • Replacement of faulty disks, tape drives, power supplies and cache batteries.
  • Update of controller, tape drive and disk firmware.


  • Can configure, repair or service IBM 6400, IBM 6500 line printers or their Printronix equivalents.
  • Can repair most types of printers including dot matrix, line and laser printers, including HP, IBM, Konica, Kyocera and Brother.

Other Services

  • Analyse PCs and laptops to check for viruses, malware, performance bottlenecks, necessary firmware and software updates.
  • Onsite administration to cover leave or when a dedicated resource is not available or justified.
  • Equipment rollout, new PCs, printers, switches, routers and cabling.
  • Installs of operating system software and applications on PCs, laptops and tablets.